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Dear Google, Please Help Me Resign From My Job

A team member at work emailed me their resignation letter today. Here is the letter: From: HN-MKT-.DungSent: Monday, February 08, 2010 1:25 PMTo: Jesse MaddoxSubject: Resignation! Dear Mr Jesse,Please accept this message as notification that I am leaving my position with … Continue reading

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You Know You’ve Been in Vietnam Too Long When…

1. You wear your motorcycle helmet when you aren’t riding your motorbike2. You say “Oi!” instead of “Oh!”3. Red lights mean “You can slow down a little, if you want to”4. You get pissed off when the bar charges you … Continue reading

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Vegetarianism Ain’t So Bad

I just finished a month of no eating french fries. “Big deal,” you say, and yea its not climbing Mt. Everest or anything. But, a small step towards self-improvement it was, considering how often I eat them and how bad … Continue reading

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