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Obama Rules, Drudge Drools

Let me just say this right now: Obama has been kicking some serious ass, and I love him for it. There are people on the right and left who have expressed disappointment with him (nevermind the Glenn Beck honkeytonks and uber-liberal fantasy-landers), … Continue reading

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The Other Funniest Email I’ve Ever Received

OK you asked for it, by popular demand I present to you the follow-up to Part 1: The Funniest Email I’ve Ever Read . The author of these literary achievements recently wrote a screenplay that fulfills the promise of what … Continue reading

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36 Hours in Hanoi

[UPDATE: It appears I have subconsciously taken my inspiration from this post, without proper credit. Oops!] If you want to read how the NY Times spent 36 Hours in Hanoi, you can do that here. If you want to read … Continue reading

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New Blog (and Google is not invincible)

If you’ve been here before you might notice that something has changed. Indeed it has. I’ve switched from Google‘s Blogger to WordPress. I did this for a reason, and you’ll understand more if you read below. Blogger sucks. The features … Continue reading

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