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Agra is the home of the Taj Mahal, and for the tourist in India that’s about all it is. Besides textile manufacture and marble-carvers, there’s not much else to the small town that is Agra besides the Fort, and the … Continue reading

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I have to admit, the 33-hour train ride was actually quite pleasant, except for one little incident midway through. The monsoon rain had caused a landslide on the tracks, and after 6 hours we’d have to get off the train … Continue reading

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Goa’ing, Goa’ing, Gone

The train from Hampi to Goa wasn’t half-bad, and arriving back in Goa my first order of business was to secure a new laptop power chord. Without a laptop to do my work, I was impotent; like a violinist without … Continue reading

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Thrills Without Spills in Quiet Hampi

I won’t bore you with the entire details of my three-day excursion to Hampi, but I’ll give you the cliff notes and then share the story of a four-hour motorcycle trip I took. Took the train. Note to self: never … Continue reading

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Where the Sun Don’t Shine

After a little over a week in Hyderabad, I had a decision to make. I could either take a train to Delhi and head on a northern route that would take me on a long loop up to Nepal and … Continue reading

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Hyderabad Part 2: Business and Pleasure

I had expected to leave Hyderabad almost immediately after Seth Godin’s talk, but Mr. E’s roommates had recently moved out and left me an empty bedroom (and bed), and Mr. E’s invitation to stay a few more (free) nights at … Continue reading

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Hyderabad Part 1: Meeting Two Personal Heroes

I had never heard of Hyderabad before I got to India, though it is India’s 6th largest city with over 4 million residents, and occupies a prominent place in the center of southern India. Even  so, I hadn’t planned to … Continue reading

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Thoughts On Traveling in India #1

Some random thoughts on traveling in India so far: The Indian head-wobble is hilarious to me. Its basically an up and down and side to side head movement while listening or talking. It took me awhile to figure out what … Continue reading

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For Adventurers

In Hyderabad I’ve been staying with a friend whose name I won’t mention for reasons that will be apparent quite soon. He attended Case Western University and is what many of you might call a “nerd” for his appreciation and … Continue reading

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Soccer Recollections

Over the past month or so the World Cup has brought soccer to the forefront of everyone’s minds, including us “football”-loathing Americans. I played organized soccer for nearly 16 years (whether YMCA, club, high school, or intramurals in college), I … Continue reading

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