New Blog (and Google is not invincible)

If you’ve been here before you might notice that something has changed. Indeed it has. I’ve switched from Google‘s Blogger to WordPress. I did this for a reason, and you’ll understand more if you read below.

Blogger sucks. The features it offers are weak compared to WordPress. From favicon, to hosting on your own provider, to plugins, to add-ons, to features, to customization, Blogger is so far behind WordPress that I have a hard time believing that Google is behind it.

I love Google. In so many areas they dominate, simply because they are the best at whatever they try to do. If they aren’t the best, they buy the best, and then they are the best.

That’s why I’m so confused with Blogger. What the $%&# are the Blogger people at Google thinking? I’m not going to go into anymore technical details, but I’m just shocked at how bad Blogger is. What you should take from this is that Google is not invincible- they can lose, and they will lose to superior products.

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