Russian Hacker or Weirdo or Computer Program Messing with My Website

Around this time last year, I bought and created a website for , pronounced “Control V dot org.” Its a relatively pointless and stupid site: you go to it, press the “Control” and “V” keys at the same time, and whatever you last copied (as in “copy/paste”) will appear in the text box. Effectively, it shows random examples of the things people most recently selected “copy” for.

Anyways, the saying at the top of the site says “Anonymous, Eponymous, Autonomous”. The “autonomous” part refers to the fact that it runs by itself without any intervention. As a result, I’ve neglected it for some time now, content to leave it be and let it do its thing out there in the wide vast world of the internet.

Until I checked it recently. For the last two months or so, somebody kept entering random numbers and text into the box. Many of the IP addresses traced to Russia, which is also consistent with the appearance of lots of Russian alphabet characters and the listings of random Russian email addresses. But really, the content was absolutely meaningless. I don’t think it was a computer because I have a “CAPTCHA” on the site (those things with jumbled up letters you have to type in to prove you’re human).

This is the view when I login to my webhost- the column in the middle is all of the random text someone had put up (which I had to go through manually and delete!):

I checked the web traffic for the website, which has increased an astounding 243%! Hmm, I wonder where those visits are coming from (the darker the green, the more visits from that location):

Surprise, surprise.
Leave me alone you crazy Russians! What the heck do you get out of posting garbage on my poor, neglected web site?!

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