Some Micro Updates

Blog posting has been a little sparse lately, so thought I’d give you a few micro updates on things that are happening and things that are about to happen:

1) Will shortly update on a trip to a national park on a rented 250cc motorcycle- it was a blast, but now my Honda Wave feels like a child’s toy. Will post this once I get the pictures from my friend.

2) Just got back from 6 days in beautiful Phu Quoc island, a quiet but large island that should have been Cambodia’s. Update on this once I get the pics.

3) I’m moving to India in June! I’m leaving my job, will travel a bit in Vietnam and then Malaysia, and then headed to Mumbai. More details on career change soon, but big changes ahead. Can’t wait to share more.

4) Impending launch of new blog June 14th. Keeping the name and topic a secret for now, but will focus around entrepreneurship. Don’t fret: I’ll keep CarpeMinutam as my personal blog for friends and family!

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  • Bautroininhyen

    i think now u are in Mumbai,take care and have a great time came Vietnam and visited many places in Vietnam,a small and beautifull country ,right?

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