Unintentionally Funny & Intentionally Obnoxious Facebook Link

On my brother’s Facebook page, I saw this rather curious “like”:

I couldn’t resist seeing what this was, so I clicked on it, only to discover how truly insidious this was:

Wow. What a perversion of the “like” button. The point of it is to share things you find interesting with your friends. But this sneaky little use of it uses a cliffhanger to get you to say you “like” it. At the same time that you satisfy your own curiosity, it tells all of your friends about itself, using the same cliffhanger to get them to “like” it.

I laughed when I saw it because of the absurdity of this. Maybe its just my own sense of humor, but I thought you might think it was funny too.

I originally refused to click the button to see the answer. But, since I started writing this post, I went back and clicked on it.

It gives you a link to a blog that has the answer, but that blog has since been taken down by Blogger. A whole lot of mystery and intrigue surrounding this ridiculous item.

So what’s the answer? Unsurprisingly, not as life changing as you might have imagined:

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