Vegetarianism Ain’t So Bad

I just finished a month of no eating french fries. “Big deal,” you say, and yea its not climbing Mt. Everest or anything. But, a small step towards self-improvement it was, considering how often I eat them and how bad for you they are.

The newest “mini-challenge”: be a vegetarian for a week. The point is to become more acquainted with vegetables (a weakness of mine), and to gain some ammunition for any battle of words with vegetarians I might have in the future. Ha.

In Vietnam, most dishes come with meat in them so its not the easiest place to be a vegetarian. Still, there are tons of ladies on the streets that sell a wide-range of vegetables, so if you cook yourself you can make a mighty fine feast.

We had one just yesterday as a matter of fact. Quesadillas with beans and rice. Here’s a before and after:

So far, its not too bad, just a little inconvenient. Atleast I can eat french fries.

Soon, I and several other contributors will be posting our challenge adventures at . I’ll let you know.

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